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contributing to the cause

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Gotta to be up early tomorrow

And love you all, And I love you hun

No we don’t walk away.

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You are enormous parts of my life.”

cybermaticdoctor said:


We can do anything we want, Just me and you

Put "Blackjack" in my ask box. And you will find out what happens 

  • 1st person gets: My character will be completely willing to do whatever your character wants him/her to do
  • 2nd person gets: To own my character for two days.
  • 3rd person gets: A french kiss from my character.
  • 4th person gets: Can seduce my character and they will willingly give into it.
  • 5th person gets: To live with my character for a whole week.
  • 6th person get: To be married to my character for a whole week
  • 7th person gets: My character to propose and be married for three days.
  • 8th person gets: To go out on a date with my character (They get to pick where and when.)
  • 9th: Is allowed to torture my character for six hours, however gruesome they want or painful too.

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